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Friday, March 23, 2018

America's Gun Problem Exposed:

Rape Victim SLAMS Moms Demand: Why Do You Want Women Defenseless?

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The Kid Lived But Who Died?

Demand For White American Sperm Surges In Brazil

The demand for sperm from blue-eyed, blonde, white American males is skyrocketing in Brazil.

Women are importing the sperm of American men at unprecedented rates, says a report from The Wall Street Journal, and blue-eyed Caucasian males are the most sought after donors.

"Over the past seven years, human semen imports from the U.S. to Brazil have surged as more rich single women and lesbian couples select donors whose online profiles suggest they will yield light-complexioned and preferably blue-eyed children," says the report.

Last year, over 500 tubes of frozen semen entered Brazil, up from 16 in 2011, notes the report.

"The vast majority of what we have and what we sell are the Caucasian blond-haired, blue-eyed donors," Fredrik Andreasson, told the Journal. Andreasson is the CFO of Seattle Sperm Bank, a bank that procures about a fourth of the country's sperm imports.
With increasing gender equality, more and more Brazilian women are putting off marriage and children to establish themselves in the workforce. Additionally, the purchasing of sperm within the country is illegal. Thus, the demand for foreign sperm is unsurprising.

But why are Brazilian women yearning for the sperm of blonde, white males in a country where so much of the population is mixed race or black? The reasoning is seemingly economic, but also social, being tightly tied to the country's racial history.

Race is perceived as an indicator of wealth and prosperity in the country; it is estimated that over 80% of the wealthiest top 1% in Brazil are white.

"More than 50% of Brazilians are black or mixed-race, a legacy of Brazil having imported more than 10 times as many African slaves than the U.S.; it was the last Western country to...

A Good Guy With A Gun....

Support Fewer Shots For For Crazy People And Criminals...

Major red flags surround Citi Group’s egregious gun control move

Citi Group just positioned itself for major backlash as it is the latest in the growing list of companies caving in to demands by anti-Second Amendment advocates.

In a statement condemning gun violence and the lack of gun control policies, the bank announced Thursday that it would start requiring clients to place some restrictions on gun sales. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson noted the alarming new trend as the “left is now colluding with large companies to roll back your rights to bear arms without any legislation at all.”

Although the company stated that the new policy is “not centered on an ideological mission to rid the world of firearms,” the announcement concluded with Citi showing non-conformers the door.

“We know our clients also care about these issues and we have begun to engage with them in the hope that they will adopt these best practices over the coming months,” the statement read. “If they opt not to, we will respect their decision and work with them to transition their business away from Citi.”

Free Beacon writer Stephen Gutowski summed up the bank’s decision.

Citi Bank just announced it doesn't want anybody to be able to buy magazines of an unspecified "high capacity" or buy a gun if they're under 21. https://blog.citigroup.com/2018/03/announcing-our-us-commercial-firearms-policy 
The bank will cease doing business with anyone that sells any firearms to anyone under 21 years old and any business that sells "high capacity magazines." It does not specify what constitutes a "high capacity magazine" in their estimation.
Perhaps, Gutowski’s most disturbing observation comes for a passage that insinuates Citi Bank might be trying to put pressure on other financial institutions to do the same.

This passage is particularly ominous. Sure sounds like they want to pressure other financial institutions into instituting similar policies to deny consumers the right to purchase the legal protects Citi Bank doesn't like.

“You may remember Citi group because about 10 years ago they got 45 billion of your taxpayer dollars to get bailed out. That’s why they still exist,” Carlson said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Thursday. “Now they turn around and work to undermine the constitutional rights of...

The Left's Hypocrisy On Female Appointees...

Intersectionality, Tribalism and Farrakhan

A funny thing happened on the way to the intersectional future. The proverbial knapsack was unpacked in the Women’s March and inside wasn’t just racial tribalism, but racial and religious supremacism.

Why do Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour of the Women’s March like Farrakhan and his hate group?

The Nation of Islam preaches that black people are the master race. It doesn’t just hate white people, Jews and a whole bunch of other folks. It hates them out of a conviction in its own superiority. According to its teachings, “the Blackman is the original man” and lighter skinned people were “devils” created by an evil mad scientist to rule over black people until they are destroyed by UFOs.

Intersectionality promises to package tribal identity politics into a utopia of social justice

It even teaches that monkeys are descended from white people.

Progressive media essays defending Obama, Rep. Keith Ellison, Rep. Danny Davis, Mallory and other black leaders for their Farrakhan links have urged concerned liberals to look at the positive aspects of the Nation of Islam, its love for black people, not the negative, its hatred for white people.

But it is the “positive” that is the problem.

Intersectionality promises to package tribal identity politics into a utopia of social justice. But the essence of tribalism is the superiority of your people and the inferiority of all other groups. Tribalism doesn’t have to be violent, hostile or hateful. Most peoples are tribal after all. But when you combine the most radical identity politics elements, as the left does, then bigoted supremacism is certain.

The clown car of identity politics runs smoothest when it has a common enemy: white people. Coalitions like the Women’s March assemble an array of groups who are united by their hatred of Trump, white people, Israel and root beer. And it works as long as no one lifts up the hood and looks at the engine.

Black nationalism is racist, sexist, anti-Semitic and homophobic. The Nation of Islam isn’t an exception. From Jeremiah Wright, “Italians… looked down their garlic noses”, to Eldridge Cleaver, “rape was an insurrectionary act” to Amiri Baraka, the ugliest possible supremacist bigotry is...

The Nobel Peace Prize Will Be Won If North Korea Gives Up Its Nukes....

Make No Mistake, The Nobel Peace Prize Is A Totally Corrupt Leftist Tool To Promote World Government.

The Nobel Peace Prize Is A Tool Of The Left..


The U.S. Border Patrol is reportedly fighting back against California’s openly seditious statewide sanctuary laws by refusing to hand over illegal aliens with felony warrants to police in California.

This makes perfect sense, according to the law of unintended consequences. It is an appropriate, tactically innovative way to counter California’s ridiculous laws that seek to nullify federal immigration legislation.

California now largely forbids cooperation with federal immigration authorities, a violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Supremacy Clause

Rodney Scott, the chief patrol agent in the Border Patrol’s San Diego sector, previously said that the Golden State’s sanctuary laws were making normal cooperation between his agency and local law enforcement difficult.

This is because California now largely forbids cooperation with federal immigration authorities, a violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Supremacy Clause. State law there now imposes draconian restrictions on communication between local police and federal immigration enforcement, including information regarding when criminal aliens are scheduled to be released from local jails.

According to the Daily Caller, Scott recently entered into evidence a declaration in support of the U.S. Department of Justice’s lawsuit aimed at California’s reckless sanctuary state laws.

In the declaration Scott recounted several instances in which San Diego sector border agents determined that they could not hand over custody of a criminal alien to local law enforcement because local officials could not be trusted to return the alien to federal custody after processing by the courts.

According to the news report:
“In each instance, the Border Patrol Agent determined it was not appropriate, consistent with his or her federal responsibilities to ensure the enforcement of immigration law, to release a criminal alien to the state and local law enforcement,” Scott said in a court declaration. “This was because, although the alien was subject to removal, if released to California law enforcement, the alien would ultimately be released into the public.”

For years jailers in California and other liberal states have been refusing to honor detainer requests

So now Border Patrol agents, unlike California officials, are putting the public interest first. This effort aimed at the lawlessness of sanctuary jurisdictions is something that patriotic Americans should applaud.

For years jailers in California and other liberal states have been refusing to honor detainer requests from U.S. Immigration and Customs and Enforcement (ICE), often with disastrous results.

Felon and serial deportee Jose Inez Garcia Zarate killed Kate Steinle, 32, on July 1, 2015, after then-San Francisco sheriff Ross Mirkarimi (D), a wife-beating, driver license-suspended, gun permit-revoked, illegal alien-loving radical leftist ignored a detainer notice and put the Mexican national back on the streets.

Since Steinle’s untimely death, others have been killed by illegal aliens freed by detention centers that refused to respect ICE detainers, according to a long list compiled by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa).

For example, in July 2016, Marilyn Pharis, 64, was raped, tortured, and murdered in her home in Santa Maria, Calif., allegedly by illegal alien Victor Aureliano Martinez Ramirez, a Mexican national, after a detainer was ignored and he was released from jail.

Two months later Danny Centeno-Miranda, 17, of Loudoun County, Va., was murdered by illegal alien Jose Espinosa De Dios, a citizen of Mexico, after the perpetrator was set free when a detainer was...